Grief Recovery Method

The ways in which we grieve are many.  We experience losses:

  • of significant relationships, friends, and beloved pets through death, divorce, dementia, or any other reason that causes a painful ending
  • of health after illness, injury, or any traumatic event
  • of familiarity, or the future you had planned, after a major disruption in the life you once led

And unresolved grief affects everything – our hearts, our physical bodies, the way our brain works, our confidence, our place in the world, our way forward. We think something is wrong with us when we can’t rally, even after much time has passed. But we haven’t been given the right tools for this heavy job. Both the grief event and our response to it break our hearts. We can’t do something about the event. But we can do something about our response.

Why I Am a Grief Recovery Method Specialist

In 2017, I attended my first Grief Recovery Method 8-week Program. I chose to work on the loss of my pre-dementia Mom while I was actively caring for her after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. I was relieved by the slow, guided, structured method of GRM. After the final class, I felt differently, more settled, more able. And the feeling never left. I have since worked on loved ones who have died and other relationships of living people (but no direct communication with them) that caused me to grieve. But I knew from that first experience, I wanted to be trained to help others.

What is it?

The Grief Recovery Method is a 7 or 8 week proactive program (one-on-one or group) that has been used to help millions of grievers around the world for the last 40 years, on every continent but Antarctica, and in 20 different languages. It is the only evidence-based grief recovery program in the world.

It is a practical, educational method, a tool kit with clear steps, that will teach you how to deal with the unfinished emotional business of the relationship or event, and the undelivered communications that are keeping you emotionally stuck.

What is it not?

It is not talk therapy, You are not required to share details of past events or engage in group conversations.

Time commitment

1 to 1-1/2 hour per week for 7 or 8 weeks, plus 1-2 hours of reading and homework each week. NOTE: It is essential that this is completed before the next week.

Incomplete relationships create unresolved grief. Unresolved grief creates incomplete relationships.

Grief Recovery Institute

Grief is as unique as you are.


Loss and grief are all about the emotions that come up when everything you're familiar with changes.

Grief Recovery Institute

Healing doesn't mean forgetting.

Grief Recovery Institute


How do I know if the Grief Recovery Method is for me?

First, look at the information and listen to the short video above. Then let’s have a conversation (no charge) by phone. Send me a message below or email me at so we can schedule a good time for both of us.

The Grief Recovery Method is not a support group. There is no back-and-forth feedback on anything you may share. It is a practical, educational tool with clear steps to help you move through parts of grief that are heavy and often hidden. Death and divorce are only two types of loss; the Grief Recovery Method can also help with other relationships or experiences.

Is the Grief Recovery Method offered one-on-one with you or in a group experience?

Both options are available! In-Person 8-week groups will be primarily held in the Columbus, Ohio area. Zoom 8-week groups will benefit anyone outside of Columbus. Some people prefer private 7-week sessions instead. These one-on-one meetings are generally by Zoom, but we can have a conversation if you would need to meet in person.

How do I register for the Grief Recovery Method program?

My next Zoom and In-Person options will be listed above – click on the button to “Register.” If we haven’t yet spoken on the phone, I will arrange for us to do that prior to our first meeting.

What does the Grief Recovery Method cost, and how is payment accepted?

Consider this an investment into giving yourself a level of peace. We often spend money on gym memberships, recreation, and physicians, but not so much on our hearts and minds. Self-care is valuable and should be a priority for our present and our future. How do you want to feel going forward?

Zoom 8-week group: $225/person
Zoom 7-week one-on-one: $275/person
In-Person 8-week group: $250/person

NOTE: The national average cost for the Grief Recovery Method is between $125-$425 more than the above, depending on which option you choose.

You can split the payments in two, with the first payment non-refundable. You may pay by clicking on the button to “Register” or contacting me directly on how you prefer to pay. I accept Venmo, PayPal, cash or check.

What are your Grief Recovery Method credentials?

I was trained in the Basic and Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist programs through the Grief Recovery Institute.