What might you be freed from?

What might you be freed for?

What is holding you back from living a life full of deep, meaningful connection?
I offer spiritual support during difficult or confusing life events, through one-on-one spiritual direction; the Grief Recovery Method process; and the enlightening practice of SoulCollage®.

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I’m Marie

As a certified Spiritual Director and Grief Recovery Method Specialist, I seek to support you… 

  • as you recognize God’s presence in your life
  • as you accept your thoughts, feelings and movements with grace
  • as you welcome the epiphanies that come when seeing yourself as God’s unique creation
  • as you then shift habits so you can experience your days more fully, honestly, and joyfully


What I offer

Spiritual Direction

The practice of listening, discerning, and praying within the intentional process of uncovering obstacles

Grief Recovery Method

A practical method that assists in dealing with unfinished emotional business that can cause emotional stagnation


An enlightening process using simple materials and natural intuition to create a unique deck of cards rich with meaning

The greatest gift we can give one another is rapt attention to one another’s existence.

Sue Atchley Ebaugh

As thou goest, step by step, the way shall open up for thee.

Paraphrase of Prov 4:12


What we say to ourselves

What we say to ourselves

What we say to ourselves has immense importance. Sometimes we don’t realize what messages we are sending to ourselves as they have become habitual and are expressed in subtle ways, although their effects are anything but subtle. What are you saying to yourself today?...

Sometimes you just need to talk

Sometimes you just need to talk

A powerful quote, a powerful truth. I hope you have someone to be a witness to your experience. Advice can be very helpful, but I believe more profound is being invited into a space and quietly “stand in the gap” to allow another to feel heard and seen, thereby...

Spiritual direction is this

Spiritual direction is this

... having someone listen to you in such a way that one not only hears his or her own story but starts to understand it.Photo by Dianne Liukkonen Irwin/Instagram @d_eyes_world

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