Images open the heart in a different way than words.

I am a facilitator for the practice of SoulCollage®, an enlightening collage process which uses simple materials and one’s natural intuition to create a unique deck of cards rich with personal meaning – each card representing a “voice” that influences one’s life. And no artistic background is needed whatsoever.
Using images from a variety of places, 5”x 8” cards are made for the inner thoughts or outside influences that have made strong impressions on us. Interacting with our cards allows these voices and parts to come to the surface in a gentle way, where they are honored, and lasting epiphanies often occur.

Remembering is the key to personal and spiritual growth. We tend to forget who we are – and the things that are important to us. SoulCollage® helps us remember.

  Why SoulCollage?©

My desire is to connect people with the messages they tell themselves and the parts of their personality or experience that inform their habits, with the further hope they may better connect with their God through SoulCollage®. This can be spiritually transforming, especially with our Creator’s unconditional love and grace accompanying us.

If finding a new way to creatively link spiritual connection and personal development intrigues you, please consider taking my Beginner’s Workshop. The gift this can be for you is quite profound.

Examples of SoulCollage® cards.  Click on each card for a detailed view and description. Please note that SoulCollage® cards are not to be copied, sold, traded, or bartered. SoulCollage® cards are for personal use only.

What visions and what disciplines do we need to creatively channel the spirit fire inside of us so that its end result is creative days and restful nights and an enduring peace with our God, each other, and within ourselves?

Ronald Rolheiser

The key to personal and spiritual development is remembering. We make SoulCollage© cards to bring important parts of ourselves to the surface.

As we make each card, we are creating a deck of cards that is unique and personal to us.

The practice of SoulCollage© is ripe with personal epiphanies.

Images have a way of bypassing the chatter of our logical minds and nudging our deep wisdom within where intuitive answers can be found and spoken.

Seena Frost


How do I know if the SoulCollage© is for me?

First, look at the information and listen to the short video on the SoulCollage page of this website. If you choose, I can also send you a link of my Zoom presentation on “Why I Love SoulCollage .” I offer a 3-hour Beginner’s Class for $30, which gives a wonderful overview and where you have the opportunity to make a few cards. It is a very satisfying practice, and no artistic ability is needed.

What is the purpose of SoulCollage©?

By using simple materials, we make 5”x 8” cards with collaged images we have personally chosen which represent our different personality parts that influence us daily, as well as people and places that have made an impact in our lives.  Both creating and working with our unique deck of cards allow us to bring our key motivating voices to the surface so that we are aware of them and can honor them, which prompts us to make some shifts that bring us more growth and joy.

How do I register for a Beginner’s Class?

Zoom and In-Person classes will both be made available. In-Person classes will be held primarily in the Columbus, Ohio area. My next Beginner’s class is listed on the SoulCollage page of this website. Click on the button to “Register.” I will then send you a Welcome Letter with information about the class and how to prepare for it.

What is the cost?

$30 for Beginner’s SoulCollage Workshop

$12 for 1 SoulCollage Instructional Video

Refunds will be issued only if cancellation is 48 hours before a workshop; otherwise, the fee will be held for a future workshop.

What’s after the Beginner’s Class?

Extra SoulCollage instruction is then made available to you in another format as well as other interactive opportunities on different topics that are scheduled throughout the year. My Facebook page and YouTube channel will give you continual pointers and encouragements as well.

What are your SoulCollage© credentials?

I completed SoulCollage© Facilitator training in June 2020 with lead trainer Mariabruna Sirabella.