What is Spiritual Direction?

  • it is the practice of listening, discerning, and praying within the gentle and intentional process of uncovering obstacles that prevent you from living freely
  • it involves the process through which one person helps another person understand what God is doing and saying  Richard Foster
  • it helps one determine what past negative events may be impacting their present spiritual journey.

Something quite wonderful occurs when we are listened to fully. Spiritual direction supports the importance of sharing what is meaningful to us.

The Spiritual Director

Spiritual Directors, trained in human and spiritual development, offer you questions to ponder over time rather than provide quick answers. A spiritual director bears witness to someone’s story, with an ear for the movements of the Holy.

This “spiritual companioning” is an unhurried, ongoing conversation involving three – a qualified spiritual director, a directee, and the Spirit of God. My own experiences attest that spiritual direction helps one who feels stuck – or unfree – to find new freedom.

Starting Spiritual Direction with Marie

After an initial phone conversation, I will send you a Welcome Letter and Agreement Form. We will set up a “meet and greet” session (NO charge).

Thereafter, we will meet in a confidential setting, without agenda, allowing the need for that day to come to the surface. Sessions are usually one hour, once a month, through Zoom video conferencing or in-person in the Granville or Westerville, Ohio areas.

The most important hour is always the present. The most significant person is precisely the one sitting across from you right now. The most necessary work is love.

Meister Eckhart

To pay attention ~ this is our endless and proper work.

Mary Oliver

Spiritual Direction is having someone listen in such a way that one not only hears his or her own story but starts to understand it.



How do I know if Spiritual Direction is right for me?

First, look at the information and listen to the short video on the Spiritual Direction page of this website. Then let’s have a conversation (no charge) by phone. Send me a message below or email me at shebrokefree@gmail.com so we can schedule a good time for both of us.

Why is it called Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is a very ancient and simple process of one person offering another spiritual guidance and counsel. However, it’s a bit of a misnomer due to the fact that spiritual directors do not “direct” you during this process. Spiritual Directors are trained to listen carefully and help you discern God’s presence and movement in your life. Many Directors choose to use the term Spiritual Companion.

How would I schedule Spiritual Direction sessions with you?

I offer both Zoom and (if you live in the Columbus, Ohio area) In-Person sessions.  You may schedule a session through this Calendly link (***, for Zoom sessions only), and we can also schedule through phone or email contact.  On average, we would meet monthly for an hour, but this can vary.  We may meet every two or three weeks in the beginning as we get to know each other.

What does a Spiritual Direction session cost, and how is payment accepted?

$40 per session.  Please email me if this is cost prohibitive for you.  For Zoom sessions, I accept PayPal or Venmo.  I will need your payment prior our appointment.  I will send out session reminders two days prior which can serve as a payment reminder as well.  For In-Person, I also accept cash or check at the beginning of our session.

As this is my occupation, I ask you to contact me 24 hours in advance of your appointment to reschedule in order for the $40 to be waived.

What are your Spiritual Director credentials?

I graduated from a 3-year program through the Wellstreams Ecumenical Training of Spiritual Formation and Development in Columbus, Ohio, and I am a member of Spiritual Directors International.